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Our Mission

To build socially-sustainable commercial properties, designed around the user with great amenity, to alleviate the UK’s housing crisis & take advantage of uncertainty due to the changes in the UK real estate market, legislation & post-COVID-19 opportunities. Dawn achieves this through great design, mobilising the power of the team, mutual-benefit, F1's no-blame culture and superior expertise to preserve a better future for ourselves with our investor partners & to provide a legacy for our future generations.


Dawn successfully brings this winning approach of using strategies that others missed or are afraid to execute all while providing good, reliable & secure returns for our investor-partners with 4 levels of capital protection.

Our Values:

Profitability with certainty

Beautifully designed around the user

Environmentally & socially sustainable

Providing a need:

We provide a valuable need by offering housing for the millions of UK residents without a suitable home.

At the same time, we're also revitalizing UK's high streets with our commercial strategies.


Andrew & Birdie
Andrew M Bott
Chief Strategist

As a teenager, refurbished homes and flipped for a profit with his mum. After uni, worked in commercial real estate in London. Studied real estate finance & cryptos at London School of Economics. 2019 won prestigious UK real estate investment award

Simon Zutshi
Simon Zutshi
Property Mastermind

Multi-millionaire property strategist and mentor. Simon has 20+ years of experience and has the solution for any situation.

Rick Singh
Rick Singh
Expert Investor

With over 180+ properties involving many different investment strategies, Rick has the expertise to use simplicity to find the profit & risks in potential deals. He says he thinkslike a “4-year-old” and it’s this simplicity that’s needed to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Paul Higgs
Paul Higgs
Site Appraiser & Developer

Paul worked on some of the the UK’s largest developments such as the £500m Barnett HQ in West London. With 30+ years experience, he can identify, appraise and realise the most profitable of sites.

Paul Hazelgrave (MCIOB)
Project Manager

Paul has over 20 years experience working on projects with 1000+ residential units, andothers with a GDV of £100m+

Ameet Solanki
Ameet Solanki
Project Manager

Ameet works on our London projects of around £2- £10m. Dependable, reliable and careful; Ameet strives to deliver on time, and on budget each and every time.

Gary Larner
Gary Larner
Housing Director

With over 10 years within the estate agency sector Gary has wealth of knowledge from new build to total refubs, area and market knowledge giving us an insight into the trends and needs of our market place to best serve our customers.

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer

Every team needs a solicitor, and Richard helps with our option contracts and other legal work required to ensure our portfolios grow without a hitch.

Mick Paxton
Mick Paxton
Architect & Planning

Mick has a rapport with planning officers so that our projects can pass through planning in shorter amount of time. In addition, his ergonomic, holistic & sustainable designs are beautiful and user cerntric.

Chie Yoshida
Chie Yoshida

Expert in accounting, and raising Japanese finance

Ferenc Makra
Ferenc Makra

Highly passionate about property & real estate, Ferenc is like the energizer bunny that can just keep going to help source projects and assists us all to ensure project come to their successful conclusion — even when others are tired and have given up.

Pardeep Sandhu
Pardeep Sandhu
Commercial Director

15 years in property & 20 years of corporate experience working with global brands. Pardeep is solutions focussed always looking for a win/win outcome for all parties

Martina Ghirelli
Martina Ghirelli

Martina’s hard work, number-crunching, & accurate research helps us identify projects quickly & accurately

Liang Zhen
梁 甄


Naomi Chen

我對投資策略極為感興趣,特別是 4 種保護以降低風險,進而短期回本。擁有溝通碩士學位,擅長溝通。我熟悉台灣文化,能帶領台灣嚴選的夥伴抓住難得的機會,邁進英國房地產市場,安全投資並坐擁穩定高報酬。未來將繼續協助黎明擴大事業版圖

Ahmed Shafi
Ahmed Shafi
Client success manager

From high ranking army background where strength, integrity and long-term security are paramount. His values align with Dawn Heritage to build a multi-million pound company to provide a legacy & financial security for future generations


Luxury London, Kings X N1
Luxury London

– 2 x large 5-bed, luxury, high-end, large home serviced accommodation in London, – Kings X. To be listed on the PlumGuide.
– £2.5m.
– Fully funded

London, Earls Court SW5
London Earls Court

– 98 fully-self-contained rooms [ensuite, tea-counter] located in 4 neighboring buildings in London’s Earls Court SW5. Ready for builders and the 1000s of migrant workers that will build the massive Lillie Square development only 100m away. This location is ideal for new overseas workers arriving in London. Currently being refurbished.
– Circa £25m
– Opportunity

Luxury Yorkshire

– 60-guest, luxury, high-end, large home serviced accommodation in Yorkshire
– Circa £2m
– Opportunity

London, Clapham Apartment Conversion Sw9

– Convert a large terraced house into 3 uxury apartments for serviced accommodation or single-lets
– GDV £2m
– Opportunity

Office to Residential Conversion Northampton

– Convert and revitalize an under-used office into 50+ apartments right in city-center
– GDV £10m+
– Opportunity

12 x Luxury Seaview Apartments

– Convert a hotel into 12 luxury sea view apartments
– GDV £3.5m
– Opportunity

London residential

Commercial & Commercial Development

Dawn’s land development company finds, analyses and creates projects for ourselves to develop and build out, or to sell to others. This is where the main profits in real estate investment are made. Sometimes holding, sometimes selling for a quick profit after adding value.

– Opportunity

STO Offering

A great potential for Dawn’s investors, with investors potentially expecting 10x or more returns. Dawn's experience & expertise to create a significant portfolio.
– Opportunity



Strategic, derisked investing
Dawn uses 4 capital protections to make the 3 best profits from strategic stage 1 real estate investing.


Real estate is our vehicle to build a fast-growing securitised portfolio in the physical, fintech & crypto worlds to provide a legacy for future generations.


Data & analytically driven, from aged 13, Andrew was paid to develop software, so Dawn uses its own code to data mine the web fast, efficiently & accurately to find lucrative projects that others are missing. With Andrew’s personal, sympathetic & professional touch, following F1's no blame culture, Dawn is able to secure the best deals.


Other professionals agree, Dawn's founder, Andrew has won a prestigious real estate investing award, and been invited to share his investing strategies at the UK's top real estate investing events.


Martin S

“I tried everything, but couldn’t sell. In a short time, Andrew fixed my problem. A huge burden lifted, so now I can move on.”

Sylvain C

“I appreciate your efforts in this project. The project would have not existed without them.”

Paul T

“It is really a pleasure to work with you. You are always on top of the issues.”

Dave P

“It’s good to be working with you again on a project. I know with you, it is done right.”


Top 5 Investor

Andrew was the highest performing investor and so won a top 5 investor award in Simon Zutshi's pin mastermind 26 in 2019

Securing £1.4m Funding on TV

Andrew went on Property Elevator -- Sky TV's show similar to Dragons Den & Shark Tank, that specialises in real estate investment. Andrew successfully won £1,400,000 funding for his GDV £2,100,000 project in London.

Andrew is Investable

5 successful multi-millionaire property angels all agree that Andrew & Dawn are very investable

Contact Information

London: 0208 798 3711


Disclaimer: All comments are of a general nature only, and not to be considered as advice. Any information provided does not and cannot ever take in to account the particular financial situation, objectives or real estate investment needs of either you or anyone reading this information. Additionally, real estate investments and real estate prices may go down as well as up